AN 7.11 Anusaya Sutta:

AN 7.11
PTS: A iv 9
Anusaya Sutta: Obsessions (1)
translated from the Pali by
Thanissaro Bhikkhu
"Monks, there are these seven obsessions.[1] Which seven?
"(1) The obsession of sensual passion.
"(2) The obsession of resistance.
"(3) The obsession of views.
"(4) The obsession of uncertainty.
"(5) The obsession of conceit.
"(6) The obsession of passion for becoming.
"(7) The obsession of ignorance.
"These are the seven obsessions."


This term — anusaya — is usually translated as "underlying tendency" or "latent tendency." These translations are based on the etymology of the term, which literally means, "to lie down with." However, in actual usage, the related verb (anuseti) means to be obsessed with something, for one's thoughts to return and "lie down with it" over and over again.
See also: AN 7.12
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